Minimal Handles Collection


Handles are one of these everyday objects that you don’t really appreciate until they stop working. Or until you come across some that were exceptionally well designed. Like the Minimal Handles Collection, designed by Munich-based RELVÃOKELLERMANN on behalf of manufacturer Griffwerk.

Griffwerk, who already produced the famous Ulmer handle by Max Bill, had just invented a new technique to glue handles to glass sliding doors without cutting the glass or using screws. So they were looking for a design studio which would be able to handle a task with very tight restrictions. The technique was a given, as were the classic shapes of L-profile grips, C-profile grips and a push handle.

To be inspired and still stick to the tradition of Griffwerk, RELVÃOKELLERMANN went back to the premises of HfG Ulm. It was not only a direct successor of Bauhaus and a teaching realm of Max Bill, but it also lies close to the premises of Griffwerk. What RELVÃOKELLERMANN took away from this visit was a logic and a grid that facilitated them to create a set of simple, filigree and elegant handles which make you realise the design, the quality and the tactile sensation of using them without asking for too much attention. A collection of true handle masterpieces.

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