Minimalissimo Shop

industrial design

It may have been a long time coming and something you would have expected a number of years ago, but it has finally arrived—the Minimalissimo Shop, where you can buy a curated selection of beautifully minimal and well-designed objects and brands that we have previously written about and celebrated. It’s a relatively small shop currently, but we’ve already lined up a few new additions that we’ve very carefully selected for you.

So what can you expect to browse in the Shop? Well, it will predominantly be focused on homewares, furniture, fashion, and tech products, all shipping free worldwide. We’ll also be selling exclusive designs that we have collaborated on, which we’re super excited to share with you later in the year. You can also expect to see our next printed magazine, Minimalissimo Nº3, as early as next month.

The design aesthetic—from typography to image presentation—aligns closely with our publishing site, but for an online retail experience, the Shop is incredibly reductionist and wonderfully simple to use. Coded by Italian web developer Manu Moreale, there is nothing particularly fancy about its build, but in typical Manu fashion, it is super light, fast, and devoid of anything superfluous both in the front-end and back-end.

In the shop