Mirasal Housing


Typically, we would introduce completed projects. However, rarely do we feature architectural builds that are still under construction. Yet the Mirasal Housing project by Julia Alcocer and the Valencia-based architecture practice Balzar Arquitectos, invite us to admire their striking white and beautifully minimal show home.

The project resolves the placement on the lot by conforming to its perimeter, creating a large interior garden. The building seeks to harmonise with the topography, mimicking the levels of the natural terrain. It is architecture which aims to express itself as a whole, whose plasticity is a result of its horizontal proportions and white materials.

Situated in Torrevieja, a seaside town located south of Alicante, it is known for its major tourism attraction. Its surroundings have a high landscape and ecological value on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park.

Distant views towards this natural park with mesmerising light pink hue of the salt lagoon, a recently constructed urbanisation in which there are no neighbouring buildings yet, striking topography and a complete triangular block form the context in which Balzar Arquitectos and Julia Alcocer have designed the Mirasal residential housing complex.

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