industrial design

Every room can benefit from functional accessories and decor elements that have a history or a unique design concept, setting to the tone and creating a great first impression. As in all design cases, functionality is the key factor, especially when it comes to product design where it requires greater attention.

Modo is a modular concrete plate designed by German studio Von Morgen, and is set for individual application and arrangements. It is a transformative puzzle for playful arrangements and various applications which can be used for food servings, storage tray for personal accessories, or as a decorative element for your living room. What makes it exclusive is that each of these food-safe plates is produced by hand and carefully finalised to guarantee a perfect finish with no major air bubbles, tight edges, and an ultra-smooth surface.

Von Morgen’s main principles in each design process are to achieve timelessness, reduction, and thoughtfulness. Behind the brand and each piece is Markus Hofko, who works primarily as a designer and artist, but also as a filmmaker, illustrator, and publicist. He has found a passion for minimalism and its universal design language on which Von Morgen is based.

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