Nello Mirror


Studio Brichet Ziegler’s Nello Mirror floats on its own. Suspended by rubber rope, two polished stainless steel discs sandwich lacquered wood and encase the reflective mirror surface itself. Requiring a small ceiling hook, this piece is beautifully playful and unique in its installation and interaction with space. The interactive element of movement, and how the Nello Mirror can engage with its environment, change the experience the user has with its use. Normally designed as a stagnated and non-interactive piece, this mirror challenges how reflection can be used for more than just cosmetic reasons; it can play with light and in affect, the light within the spaces it occupies. Which is quite novel.

Nello is available in three sizes — diameters of 30cm, 55cm and 80cm.

Studio Brichet Ziegler is based in Paris, France and is the collaborative brainchild of Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet. Their studio combines their respective design and engineering backgrounds and the space itself is conceived on seeking to make the exchange and discussion at the centre of their research, they created an open space for reflection that allows them to approach projects with a new ambition and poetry. Their countless awards and collaborations see them as a duo to watch.

Photography courtesy of Baptiste Heller.

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