Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei

Gamagori City, Aichi, Japan
itoto architects

Kikkei is an inn located at the tip of the Nishiura Peninsula in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture. You can see the beautiful Mikawa Bay from the room. This room, which was built about 50 years ago, originally consisted of two rooms, but the wall between them was removed to create a spacious 100 square metre guest room. Redesigned by Japanese firm itoto architects, within the guest room you can feel the presence of the sea while immersing yourself in quiet spaces scattered throughout.

The state of the sea changes every day, and with it, so too does the sound and smell of the waves and the air. In the same way, the interior of the guest room changes every day, and guests can enjoy the daily changes. For the interior materials, itoto selected materials that are simple and quiet in colour. The simple tiles are dyed with the changing scenery, and the texture changes depending on whether it's sunny or cloudy, and so each guest should experience different feelings during their stay at the hotel.

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