Romolo Stanco’s Hi-Fi House


Splendid white and glossy. A modernist space with hot fuchsia-magenta touches. Dazzling. The Hi-Fi house in Piacenza, Italy is architect Romolo Stanco’s home.

The concept is intriguing. Sculpted furniture, the Flap sofa by Edra in magenta breaks the straight lines of a troublesome, rectangular space. On one side, the narrow, floating stairs climb to a loft sleeping area with an irregular ceiling. You might consider not looking sideways when you go up. On the other side, a built in, long structural seat is not parallel with the slightly rotated, kitchen block and furniture.

Expressive elements, passionate color. They serve as visual dynamics to help create a fun, rotational movement in a symmetric space. Challenging gravity force? I am amused.

In the shop