Solid Textile Board Benches


While material experimentalism creates exciting promises in the design industry, true innovation lies in the additional factor of sustainability. For Milan Design Week back in April, Max Lamb had collaborated with Really—a brand focusing on recycling and turning discarded textiles into solid textile boards—to produce a collection of 12 contemporary benches that can also stand alone as minimal sculptures.

Marking Really’s new acquisition by Danish textile brand Kvadrat, the series acts as an intensive push for this intriguing material. Rather than simply testing the durability and strength of textile boards, the British designer had implemented his imagination of forms to create angular geometries, waffled symmetries, and even wavy cut-outs; all while maintaining a simplicity in appearance and structural supports. The variations in technical assemblies further proves the material’s flexibility. Ironically, the fixed neutral colours of navy, white, and beige act as the restraints to maintain the furnitures’ aesthetic directness.

It is truly an amazing achievement for Max Lamb and Kvadrat to harmonise their ideas for a future of sustainability in furniture design that lies directly on the mass consumption of today’s society.

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