SPP Branding

graphic design

The SPP branding by Polish independent publisher, author and design studio Zupagrafika is a work of simplicity and creativity. The branding was created for the Poznan University of Technology Canteen which is the meeting point for students of architecture, engineering, computer science among other fields. The SPP image needed to be transformed to illustrate a pure, clean and minimal design to accurately represent the aesthetic of the fields.

The minimal and geometric forms which were used in the logo design were a triangle, circle, and square. All of them become one form of the logo which represents the main aim of the canteen area—connecting students from each discipline during the lunchtime period, to share ideas and inspirations.

I personally love the simple connectivity concept and how well it has been executed by Zupagrafika—it is as little design as possible.

Headed up by art director David Navarro and editorial director Martyna Sobecka, Zupagrafika has designed, illustrated and published award-winning architectural kits and books showcasing their favourite modernist and brutalist edifices from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond.

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