Structure for Use

Jeonghwa Seo

Blurring the lines between art and design is the ongoing furniture series by Seoul-based South Korean designer Jeonghwa Seo, which began in 2014. Titled Structure for Use, the brutalist and minimal furniture pieces include book stools, benches, and the most recent iteration being a modular shelving system. Seo has utilised a variety of materials and configurations pairing cast aluminium with basalt and acrylic, and brass with walnut.

Jeonghwa Seo researches functional forms using various materials, and explores the tactile sense and the morphological possibilities of practical objects through structural experiments. Starting with the 'material container' work inspired by the tactile effect created by the combination of various materials, he is working on practical furniture, objects, and spaces under the theme of formative elements such as material, volume, and shape.

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