Super Tamper

Coto Studios
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Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Tamping espresso seems to be an easy thing to do, but it's easy to make mistakes which may affect the quality of your coffee. The coffee tamper is typically minimal in design. It's a very simple tool, yet the applied pressure is an important factor. Coto Studios has designed the sleek Super Tamper, beautifully photographed by German-Danish art director and photographer Thomas Wiuf Schwartz.

With this tamper, which has a 58mm base, you can easily produce the same consistent quality—adjustable pressure and evenly tamped coffee grounds. Due to the guide ring around its solid base, it is impossible to tamp unevenly. With its unique technique and its scale it allows you to smoothly adjust the precise pressure. Once the adjustments are made you are able to work on a continuous standard of quality.

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