Team Living House


Team Living House is a lovely home in downtown Tokyo centred around family life. Designed by Masatoshi Hirai Architects Atelier, the home is named Team Living to support the concept of a family as a team, living and working together within their residence.

To support this concept, there are no private rooms in the house. The rooms are divided by function rather than by individual. Instead of each family member having a bedroom, all the beds are in one room. All the desks are in one study room, all the storage is in one closet, and so on. The main living areas rest in an open-floor plan, allowing for a clean line of sight to the various functions in this part of the home. Simple whites, natural wood tones, and pale greens comprise the interior materials. The décor is limited to only the necessities, further aligning the focus of the design on the family unit.

Team Living House is an exercise in community living. Therefore, the home is not only an aesthetic achievement, but a philosophical achievement as well.

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