The Pen by AJOTO

industrial design

British designers Chris Holden and Tim Higgins are the founders of London based start-up, AJOTO. Their first product, an everyday pen with an exquisite minimal aesthetic, was recently introduced to me and it certainly made it's mark.

The Pen, currently being funded through Kickstarter, is produced from Aerospace grade aluminium and brass, and each pen can be personalised to the customers preference. The minimal design of the Pen consists of five bespoke parts designed and engineered in-house. Each part performs a crucial function in the mechanics of unique twist mechanism, which is core to the pen.

So in this increasingly digital world we're living in, why a pen?

Digital devices have now replaced the need for fine writing instruments and technical draftsmen's tools that were once ubiquitous. It doesn't matter how advanced technology has become, in a world that is ever more connected we think it is really important to take some time out and be alone with our imagination. In these moments nothing beats a simple inky mark in a sketch book to capture our thoughts and ideas.

Not only is the pen a beautiful tool, but the packaging is just as impressive, combining cork, aluminium and card, which are 100% recyclable. Backed!

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