Verde Mirror

industrial design

Woud’s Verde Mirror takes the otherwise flat uni-functional industrial piece and injects it with surprising functionality. Formally, this piece is sculpturally beautiful, with the combination of the round mirror element and the thin metal geometric extension rail underneath. It was intended for multi-space use and its concept was inspired by 1950s metal furniture. The mirror comprises a concealed shelf, cutouts on either side at the rear for hanging items and the metal frame itself acts as a third arm.

Designed by Rikke Frost for Woud, the collaboration sees a beautiful and minimally conceived design outcome with a series of added (and usable) quirks. Frost has her own studio in Aarhus and has grounded her practice on an ethos that designed objects should be seen, felt and touched; enticing the user to engage with them. Her bold approach sees her fascination with materials come to life.

Woud is prided on their Danish design heritage of creating original and interesting design outcomes, and the Verde Mirror is a great example of this.

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