Villa MQ


Every now and then, an architect may hit the jackpot with a client that is not afraid to go beyond expectations. Villa MQ, located in Tremelo, is an extraordinary exercise in architecture and minimalism as the perfect remedy for a complex project. Office O got their carte blanche to push the boundaries of a five level villa, all the while, making it look like an easy process.

The residence welcomes its visitors with a striking curved wall. Normally reserved for public buildings, such a scheme isn’t easy to adapt nor to justify for the usual family residence. Since this project hides a complex and twisty inner structure, the outer wall breathes simplicity and allure in the perfect amount. The privacy duality is interesting to note, since on one side it’s all about the white wall, on the opposite stands windows and plenty of access for the family.

For each floor, the architects drew dissimilar light sources and heights. The dynamic aesthetic was only possible thanks to the beautiful interior design focused on white and one extra colour for each ambient. The modernist furniture is a perfect fit, as is the central staircase. The flow between each floor is key in making this project soar, as the main connector stands proudly in the middle, but never overstaying its presence.

The minimalist restraint was the perfect solution to counterbalance the density of a five storey villa — a multifaceted project with deceiving but stunning visuals.

Photography by Tim Van de Velde.

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