Forms of Shigehiro Kadena


Born in 1978 in Okinawa, Shigehiro Kadena, a Tokyo-based woodworker, discovered his passion by crafting a wooden gift for a friend. His artistic journey defies traditional boundaries, ranging from precise geometric designs to organic, fluid curves.

Kadena's distinct touch lies in his ingenious use of magnets for assembly, giving his sculptures an enchanting, almost gravity-defying quality. Rather than rigidly planning his creations, he embraces the material's uniqueness, allowing his hands to shape the form in real-time.

His work is an invitation to interact, offering viewers the freedom to rearrange parts and angles, fostering a sense of exploration and tension within the delicate balance.

Kadena's studio in Tokyo is a place where wood and artistry blend seamlessly, bridging the gap between observer and material, and inviting viewers to embrace fresh perspectives. Explore his meticulously crafted sculptures and experience the evolution of an artist who continually challenges conventions, celebrating the extraordinary beauty that emerges when art meets nature.

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