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  • Flashkus
    Soon the flash card will evolve into a disposable form. All electronics will be contained on the tip of a detachable cardboard module. The Russian Art Lebedev Studio latest design comes in a form of a disposable cardboard USB stick called Flashkus. Made out of cardboard stock material, this USB stick comes in sets of […]
    Just imagine Scandinavian minimalism, Japanese precision, French elegance and Italian leather coming together in one collection of beautiful accessories. To achieve such a productive merger, it might be necessary to have an outside view, just like Budapest-based designer AGNESKOVACS has. Her current collection goes by the name of LIÉ, which is a French word indicating the […]
    2016.04.11Jana Ahrens
  • Analog Watch
    Roderick’s Analog Watch is a refined and light-weight timepiece. Currently existing as a concept design only, and not yet in production, this piece is conceived on the idea of simplifying the stereotypical form of the analogue watch as much as possible while retaining its functionality and ease of use. Purposely designed in a way that has […]
  • Link Shelf
    The German design label Studio Hausen has rethought a modern classic of design; the hanging shelf. The link shelf is stripped down to the essentials; a number of massive ash wood shelve boards and a set of black steel mounting brackets. I like the contrast of the natural wood and dark steel and the open […]
  • A conversation with Håndværk
    We recently caught up with Håndværk to discuss the brand, its designs, fabrics, and future. Describe your path to creating the brand, Håndværk. We felt there was a void in the market for a label that was solely dedicated to high-end essentials — crafting each piece from the finest fabrics, and focused on the details […]
  • Ina Jang
    Ina Jang is a photographer from Seoul, South Korea, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is incredibly delicate, making use of strong graphical shapes and achieving superbly elegant results. Jonas Cuénin from legendary magazine Camera has described Ina’s work as being somewhere between fashion and fine art, at the junction of photography, drawing, graphic design and […]
  • Dion Lee
    Australian designer Dion Lee’s 2013 Ready to Wear Fall collection is, in a word, beautiful. As an emerging talent, launched recently into the design scene, first in Australia, and now capturing fans globally, his work is modern verses classic, structured verses fluid, understated verses arresting. His most recent contribution to the world of adornment is […]
  • Fabien Baron for Cappellini
    The great and ever inspirational creative director Fabien Baron, under his full spectrum design agency Baron & Baron, has created a quite incredible range of minimalist furnishings for the Milan based design firm, Cappellini. The range of designs include a variety of sofas and chairs, one of which is a slender lounge chair, as well […]
  • Empty Memory
    Logical Art, a London based design studio had the idea of making technology disappear in the form of these Empty Memory flash drives. The absence of a portion of the drive alludes to what might hold the ‘memories’ is replaced with 2 minimal elements of emptiness: Transparency, which is a clear plexi attached to a stainless […]
    2012.09.17Adele Lim
  • Hotel Habita MTY
    I hope you are willing to travel with me today and explore a little magic that is hotel Habita MTY. Located in the northern part of Mexico in Monterey and with a view of the Sierra Madre mountains, the hotel is a stunning result of collaborative work by architect Agustin Landa and interior designer Joseph Dirand. […]
    2012.05.16Anna Korkobcova
  • Dome Table Lamp
    The Dome Table Lamp by Todd Bracher is a charming lighting solution. The lamp was inspired by the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow. Bracher designed the lamp to be a perfect half-sphere so that it is evenly lit on all sides. Just as the moon’s source of light is […]
    2012.04.12Jillian Japka
  • Christofle
    Ora-Ïto, the brand name of Paris based designer Ito Morabito, created a mineral-inspired letter opener and paperweight set for Christofle. The letter opener has a primitive form and recalls a flint eroded by time. The paperweight looks like a cobble polished by the sea with its soft, round, shapes. Like other creations by Ora-Ïto the […]
  • WHY Wally-Hermés Yacht
    Why not? Wally–Hermés believes in a new way of navigating slowly on the sea with genuine environmental and ecological values. The WHY yacht concept was created through a partnership between high fashion house, Hermés and yacht builder, Wally. The living space, built on three decks is intended to meet the human needs of space, light […]
    2010.09.24Vicky Kaiser
  • Mojito shoe
    The Mojito is a shoe from one single piece. Amazing! The designer, Londoner Julian Hakes, recognized that many parts of a show were unnecessary, as the foot itself has so much of the required strength and support built in. After many hours of sculpting around his own foot, Hakes ended with this single wrapped geometry, […]