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This beautiful minimalist cash and cards holder by Daycraft is everything that the traditional wallet is not. It is small, simple, light and compartment free. The piece, aptly called Moneywrap, is reduced to a singular folding principle. It wraps around your banknotes, which in turn are folded over your credit cards. The result is a sleek little item, that can fit in any pocket. How clever. I like how well thought out Moneywrap is. Held together by a rubberband, your valuables are secure. And to access them – all you need to do is lift the flap open. No buttons or sharp edges to scratch your things… Watch the video to see the piece in action.

Atelier Peekaboo recently created a minimalist ceramic piggy bank named Sur les toits. The English translation is “on top of the roofs” and refers to the place where they found inspiration for the shape of the design. One easily inserts the money in the slot on top of the piggy bank and incase one needs the money, there is no need to crack the ceramic; just angle the piggy bank and shake gently. The prototypes, ranging in colours and sizes, have been handcrafted by the Fribourg based ceramist Peter Fink. Atelier Peekaboo was founded in 2008 by two Swiss designers from Neuchâtel. Damien Ummel and Thierry Didot met during their studies at the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL). The two decided to strenght forces and by permanently questioning the industrial designer’s role in a society surrounded by objects, they try to provide elements to respond to it.

BANK is minimalist money box made of elastic rubber by BIG-GAME design studio. We have featured the Lausanne based studio before. I just love their outspoken, minimalist and colorful products. And like many of their other products BANK has a playfull touch. The usage is simple: slip coins in the slit, press it and turn it upside down to get the coins back. The only downside I see, compared to a ‘traditional’ piggy bank, is that one can retrieve the money back a bit too easily ;). BANK is produced by Praxis, Hong Kong.

Italian street artist Moneyless creates two and three dimensional abstract installations made of cotton threads combined with geometrical paintings often featured in forests and open fields of green across Europe. His Ropes installations, many of which appear to be floating in the air, are not only impressive, but they have a structural simplicity and neatness, which I really do enjoy. Moneyless explains: My shapes are reduced to the minimum, at the same time they carry some kind of an intense tension, an invisible movement; most of my patterns hide multiple visions and different perspectives. I think my art now speaks through geometry. It’s an art I haven’t often come across and so I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Lanvin’s line of Mens’ attaché briefcases for their Winter 2012 collection embraces both luxury and minimalism in plush leather for the modern businessman. In its understated classic rectilinear form, I love the fact that it is known as the Gangster briefcase, paying tribute to the ‘money bags’ familiar in casinos during the 60s. The attaché is uncluttered, optimized for organization and its clean design leaves much appreciation for the leather. Even though the colors made available allude to the tradition of its 60s style, its compartments for modern gadgets and peripherals reveal the century it was made for.

Put your money into a nest egg by dropping coins and stuffing bills into the delightfully simple J Schatz Egg Bank. Based in New York, Jim Schatz designs and handcrafts ceramic products from the inside out to make common objects in a wonderfully unique and innovative way. A perfect receptacle for money, these elegant Egg Banks have been handcrafted in durable stoneware and are available in glossy Bright White, Gold and Platinum. The eggs measure 8″ high x 6″ wide with a 1 1/4″ x 1/8″ wide money slot. I’m certainly fond of the glossy white egg.

If minimalism is about exercising restraint, then Raf Simons is one of the best in the business. Just like his recent mens wear line, his minimalist approach to color in the Jil Sander Spring 2011 RTW line is phenomenal. There are so many things to love about this line, but of note I adore the way crisp tailoring is contrasted with the baggy, ‘oversized’ look that Raf is known for in his Raf by Raf Simons line of clothing for men. The way stripes have been employed also give Daniel Buren a run for his money. In a recent interview in Man About Town, Raf Simons states: I know that Jil worked around very little, but it was shocking to go through the archives and see how much her designs had aged. It was no longer modern. I felt the brand needed to be a little more conceptual — to break out. It needed to break its own rules in order to stand any chance in the long run — with or without me.

Given that people nowadays – due the the economical situation – spend less money on expensive furniture, young designers are pushed to think how they can succeed. Athens, Greece based designer Alexander Xanthakis adds: In order to sell my design, without notoriety, the object has to be simple, strong and affordable. A minimalist chair because it has to be minimal. A chair which is both strong – tested to support a weight of 1000kg – and elegant on the one hand, but made with less material and production labour on the other hand. He came up with the “7.11 €/kg” Chair, made of 5 bended pieces of steel welded together, one consolidating the other. The 7.11 € per kilogram is the mass production cost that Xanthakis aimed for since the project started.

Italian designer Lodovico Bernardi has an eye for style, and a heart for the environment. His folding table is exemplary: it can fold super flat, allowing a reduction of packaging waste, and saving space (i.e. money) during transportation and storage. Added bonus: Thanks to the folding of the legs, the table can be used on both sides!