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  • BANK
    BANK is minimalist money box made of elastic rubber by BIG-GAME design studio. We have featured the Lausanne based studio before. I just love their outspoken, minimalist and colorful products. And like many of their other products BANK has a playfull touch. The usage is simple: slip coins in the slit, press it and turn […]
  • Weissraum Dental Surgery
    Oh, dear. The sound of the dreaded drill from a recent dentist visit still lingers. The good news is that dental patients, in M√ľnchen can now reduce physical discomfort from dental procedures and still keep a healthy smile. Weissraum Dental Surgery, by Stuttgart-based Ippolito Fleitz Group, has been named “Germany’s most beautiful dental practice” for […]
    2010.11.05Vicky Kaiser