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  • Pravda Vodka packaging concept
    This lovely packaging concept for Pravda Vodka comes from Samantha Ziino, a student at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She explains: We had to do a project on an existing polish vodka alcohol. Pravda is a Polish vodka which prides itself on purity and fine ingredients. The bottle and box are white and simple, creating […]
  • 1000 Acres Vodka
    These beautifull shaped bottles were conceived by New York-based design firm Arnell. (Accidentally, this is also the agency responsible for the Pepsi re-branding…!) The innovative package design really took the 1000 Acres Vodka brand to a new level. I mean, did you ever hear of them?
  • Absolute Purity
    This unusual ad is a part of Absolut’s ongoing campaign on the subject of purity. Every year a different artist is asked to express his or her vision in a form of an advertising piece for the Absolut vodka brand. Last year it was a fun gaudy-looking project by Paul Graves, the year before that […]
  • VODA
    Alcohol packaging usually has a very traditional design because of the age of the brands, so this design by Maas Design for VODA vodka captured my attention. The designers explain: Alcohol packaging often looks to the companies past for its inspiration. Since this was a new brand conceived in the modern digital age we had […]
    2011.05.16Jorge San Luis