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This lovely packaging concept for Pravda Vodka comes from Samantha Ziino, a student at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She explains: We had to do a project on an existing polish vodka alcohol. Pravda is a Polish vodka which prides itself on purity and fine ingredients. The bottle and box are white and simple, creating an aesthetic purity. A little red is used to distinguish the brand whilst staying true to Polish culture. Vodka bottles are traditionally transparant, to communicate the clarity of the vodka, which is indicative of its quality. This bottle would therefore definitely stand out and attract the desired attention. That’s why we say: My kochamy to butelka wódki!

These beautifull shaped bottles were conceived by New York-based design firm Arnell. (Accidentally, this is also the agency responsible for the Pepsi re-branding…!) The innovative package design really took the 1000 Acres Vodka brand to a new level. I mean, did you ever hear of them?

This unusual ad is a part of Absolut’s ongoing campaign on the subject of purity. Every year a different artist is asked to express his or her vision in a form of an advertising piece for the Absolut vodka brand. Last year it was a fun gaudy-looking project by Paul Graves, the year before that – a stunning work by Dan Tobin Smith. This year’s contribution to the theme came from German artist Simon Schubert. Schubert approached the idea of purity quite literally and did what he does best – a sheet of folded paper (artist’s remarkable folded works brought him international fame for a reason). The concept of purity is beautifully expressed through a poetry of wrinkled paper, brought to life by shadows and light… The ad is currently on display inside the busstop on Avenue de l’Opera in Paris. The campaign was conducted by Being advertising agency.

Alcohol packaging usually has a very traditional design because of the age of the brands, so this design by Maas Design for VODA vodka captured my attention. The designers explain: Alcohol packaging often looks to the companies past for its inspiration. Since this was a new brand conceived in the modern digital age we had fun with the idea of using the “play” icon recognizable from many of today’s digital devices. The contemporary design was meant to target a younger audience of vodka drinkers and players. I would like to point out the visible cork: not only an interesting contrast in the design (old vs. new), but it also says ‘traditional quality’ in a contemporary jacket.