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BANK is minimalist money box made of elastic rubber by BIG-GAME design studio. We have featured the Lausanne based studio before. I just love their outspoken, minimalist and colorful products. And like many of their other products BANK has a playfull touch. The usage is simple: slip coins in the slit, press it and turn it upside down to get the coins back. The only downside I see, compared to a ‘traditional’ piggy bank, is that one can retrieve the money back a bit too easily ;). BANK is produced by Praxis, Hong Kong.

Lausanne based Big-Game studio created a series of cork floating boats for the Portuguese company Materia. The toys, simply titled ‘Bote’ are made of a cork base and a plastic mast or cabin that can be easily changed. A perfect kid’s gift now the summer is approaching fast. The boats will be exhibited during I Saloni 2011, at Via San Marco 38, Milan, April 12–17. Photography by Julien Chavaillaz.

Based in Lausanne – Switzerland and Brussels – Belgium design studio BIG-GAME – founded by Grégoire Jeanmonod, Elric Petit and Augustin Scott de Martinville – designed BOX stool and coffee table. Inspired by the pleating techniques used in the cardboard and aluminium industry the Box stool can be folded away like a cardboard box. A hole is pierced in the centre of the seat making it is easy to carry. The BOX stool is made from  Folded lacquered aluminium available in yellow, medium blue, light blue and dark blue. Making the BOX family complete BIG-GAME created a Coffee table. Aswell made from folded lacquered aluminium, available in light blue, light grey, black and yellow.