1 x 1 Bar Stool


A minimalist kitchen may be the answer to your cleaning dilemma and to also increase the functionality for everyday household tasks. A barstool as a furniture piece is a great choice when entertaining in the kitchen as well.

The 1 x 1 Bar Stool, designed by a New York-based studio Uhuru Design, is a standout piece from the wonderfully designed Frame collection. The basic design of the stool combines sleek, clean lines and minimal styling. Clear geometry and minimal material dimensions dictate the form and make it a unique element for your space.

The 1 x 1 Bar Stool is made from box tubing frame of those dimensions with an inset wood seat and back. The black oak with a blackened steel base bar stool measures H400 x W160 x D170 mm. Both the low back and boxed leg have a distinctive contemporary style which makes the 1 x 1 Bar Stool an elegant and simple piece of craftsmanship that embodies the Uhuru Design precision-based aesthetic.

The minimalist approach to the construction of this stool makes a nice statement piece for any interior whether it be within a restaurant environment, a bar, or domestic kitchen.

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