industrial design

Nissyoku, inspired by the astronomical phenomenon of the solar eclipse, is designed by Hungary based award winning designer Péter Toronyi.

The lens-shaped panels on both sides can move in multiple directions. You can easily adjust the direction and strength of the light by turning the panels, fixed on the lamp by magnets, in a preferred direction. You switch the light on and off by gently touching the metal ring in the middle. Toronyi explains:

The Nissyoku lamp is a moodlighting lamp, that we don’t use every day, but when we switch it on, we do it in order to find an atmosphere matching our mood.

Due to the clever design the lamp can be used as hanging chandelier, table or wall lamp. The lamp is fixed with a magnetic console and a metal ring. Using it as a wall lamp, the two panels are fixed to two metal rings, while using it as table lamp, the two panels are joined to each other.

Photography by SOMNIUM Studio.

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