House in a Flat


House in a Flat is a simple and beautifully curated apartment located in Singapore, designed by nitton architects.

Design for the interior of this apartment in a high-density 800-unit public housing development is driven by aspirations to create a mini house out of a humble flat unit. The potential of space within the flat is unlocked through the bold decision to remove all existing non-structural internal walls. The open-plan layout created is emotionally uplifting, a welcome retreat from the crowdedness of urban living. The space starts to breathe and become alive, changing through the day and adjusting to different routine needs. This fluidity is especially stimulating for children, who are thrilled by the interactivity and scale of an available play area.

Spatial layering forms a dominant language in the design—space seems to multiply and become enriched when it embraces a spectrum of malleability. The way light interacts with space changes when elements are mobile, and depth of view shifts with the movement. With the sliding partitions and privacy curtains open, the visual depth of space extends throughout the full width of the apartment, animated by light.

I appreciate this purist approach toward architectural space making, with confines of an apartment giving way to a liberating lifestyle.

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