Block Collection

Art Direction
Jiménez de Nald

Impossible geometric shapes, construction blocks, and curved lines that fit into parallelepiped bodies. These are the bases from which Valencia-based MUT Design got their inspiration when designing the outstanding collection of sofas, Block, for Spanish furniture brand, Missana.

An example of soft minimalism, Block is a collection that includes a single lounge chair and three-seater sofa. In this their first collaboration with Missana, MUT Design has managed to bring to life a collection of very versatile, unique, elegant, fun, and simple sofas.

With their latest project, MUT Design has gone deeper into their constant search for duality present in many of their previous pieces, by working mainly on concepts such as trend and comfort and making them work effortlessly together. Missana tells us:

For the launching of Block, we have carefully selected a fabric that perfectly rounds up the amazing design. We have gone for a monochrome option and a wild electric blue colour. The fabric is from the Uniform collection and the colour is Royal Blue by the Dutch firm Febrik, whose fabric provide the product with an even stronger personality.

MUT is a Spanish design studio founded by designer Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón in 2010. This is a multidisciplinary team whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. Since its conception, MUT has aimed to experiment and redefine everyday objects.

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