Strie Chair


This beautifully minimal and elegant chair has been designed by the young Paris-based French designer, Mathieu Delacroix, which was the finalist project at Cinna Young Talent Competition No.9.

Strie chair was conceived from a simple line type hand-drawing. Two black lines, joined together, create a strong and delicate chair skeleton. Those two curves are made out of steel tubes, they form two distinctive lateral frames that, once welded, create the back of the chair. Items can be stacked easily to optimise the storage.

The main frame of the chair has been drawn as a succession of metal bars giving the furniture a lightweight silhouette. Thanks to its simple and pure profile, Strie can be appreciated as a piece of indoor furniture or even as an outdoor one; its shadow will reveal the delicacy of its look.

There’s a minimalist elegance to Strie chair that should be celebrated, with its fine proportional balance between lightness and strength.

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