Thisispaper Studio
Maja Wirkus

Thisispaper Studio has created a remarkably well-designed, muted, and minimalist space available for rent to anyone who would like to discover the capital of Poland in an unconventional way. Named A-PLACE, the interior is designed in the spirit of Thisispaper and equipped with a wide range of hand-picked objects that exemplify good design.

The studio’s creator, Zuzanna Gasior explains:

For a while now we’ve been meaning to take the Thisispaper experience from digital to reality. We’ve created a space where our values take a tangible form, and is available to everyone that chooses to make Warsaw a stop in their journey.

Extending the A-PLACE concept from the original M2022 apartment, Thisispaper have added two new completely renovated apartments: K916 and K907. One of the biggest advantages of the interiors is their considerable height of 4.25m and 4.75m, which allows constructing different entresol designs in each of them. The wood was chosen as a perfect construction material—pine plywood and pine scantlings. They were treated in a natural way by firstly being painted off white and then oiled with natural oils, which resulted in the overall grey tones.

In order to preserve the original interior’s raw atmosphere, walls, flooring, and the ceiling were finished with a monochrome palette. The concept presents a very minimalist approach to life, which is at the core of Thisispaper and cultivated over many years. This approach is clear to see by the abundance of white space throughout. By adding only delicate touches of brass, chrome, and porcelain the designers decided to gently decorate the apartments to add character to the space.

A-PLACE also offers some really interesting and well-considered features for guests.

Upon arrival, every guest will find a serving of Japanese organic tea, imported to Poland exclusively by Thisispaper. You can also try freshly roasted coffee from Warsaw.

To get the creative juices flowing, guests can embrace the craft of origami and kirigami, creating amazing objects, shapes, animals, or plants from a single sheet of paper.

For all audiophiles, A—PLACE is equipped with a complete sound system from the ‘70s, including a gramophone, an amplifier, a tuner, and selected vinyls.

For those who prefer to stay in, the shelves are filled with some of Thisispaper’s favourite books and magazines about art, design, architecture, and more.

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