Sure, there is a lot to be said about the Swiss tradition of precision. But if you visit the wonderful and whimsical country of Switzerland, there is something else that comes to mind: the roughness of its landscape and the way this is integrated into the core of a Swiss sense of beauty. All this seems to culminate in the work of Zurich-based jewellery brand Baiushki. The pieces designed by Lea Good are precise in their minimalism and craftsmanship. But the finishing is handled with a keen eye for the unique texture and the elegance of natural imperfections. Why is this kind of finish so important?

The jewellery we wear tells a story. We are proud to be part of your story.

A story polished too smoothly becomes boring quite quickly. So designer Lea Good and brand strategist Arnaud Pernet strike a balance between simple and the complex, between the reduced and the refined. This is how one piece of jewellery might actually contribute not only to a chapter, but to the whole story of your life.

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