Ventus Air


There’s something about air purifiers today that encourage modern designers to consider minimalism as a central and guiding principle. Purifiers of old have often appeared to be incredibly obtrusive in one’s home, but fortunately this utilitarian object is now being considered much more as a piece of furniture that blends into an interior.

Ventus Air is a window installed air purifier designed by Seoul based studio, BEBOP, for a Korean startup specialising in air filtration technology. User installed onto existing window frames, Ventus Air is able to ventilate the room with filtered fresh air, rather than constantly filtering the stale air trapped inside a room like common home air purifiers.

Its design is a very flat graphic expression that is contrasted by a magically moving door that slides out to reveal its special details and to open up its vents. This allows the product to remain visually clean and quiet while installed on any window and its completely monochrome colour further gives it a sense of calm yet reliable personality.

Details like its hidden display system, air quality, and harmful gas indicator light strip, and magnetic filter lid with a witty fabric pull tab are careful compositions onto an unapologetically minimal design. As a finishing touch, the dedicated remote controller that doubles as an air quality measurement tool has also been designed in harmony with the air purifier.

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