Slim Bookend

Kenyon Yeh
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We are always looking to discover minimalist solutions to basic accessories. Slim Bookend reduces a bookend to its fundamental physical principals. It is a sculptural desk and shelf accessory with a striking, minimalist statement. Designed by Kenyon Yeh for ESAILA, this unobtrusive object is composed of two basic shapes and effortlessly joined by a single screw, making this piece simultaneously inconspicuous and full of life.

The powder coated steel Slim Bookend, finished in black and beige, is a useful tool for organising books or rearranging papers on your desk. It weights just 0.3kg and measures just (w)15 x (d)3.2 x (h)18cm.

Kenyon Yeh currently lives and works in Taiwan where he continues to produce his works for international brands. After his graduation with a Master of Product Design at Kingston University, London, Kenyon started his design studio in focusing on handmade furniture. His studio has since evolved and now works with furniture, lighting, product, and interior design projects.

His inspiration comes from minimising the outline of mundane objects in everyday life and practicing the production possibilities with traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, which make his work characteristic and friendly at the same time.

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