Juniper THIN Lamp

Peter Bristol
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Born of a collaboration between designer Peter Bristol and Juniper, the THIN lamp series uses the latest in LED technology to create an innovative task lamp keenly attuned to modern day living. When in use, the lamp can extend in excess of three feet. When folded, it reduces to a minimal vertical profile. Complete with an elegant dimmer at its tip, the THIN lamp is capable of a full 360 degrees of movement thanks to a robust ball joint connecting to its cast iron base. And while contemporary in form, THIN's emphasis on meticulous construction and use of timeless materials lends it a unique sense of durability and presence.

The series has several variations and finishes, including a task lamp with desk inset that features a precision-machined solid brass body and desk-integrated grommet to reduce its footprint to the bare minimum.

The THIN floor lamp variant features a solid brass 1/2-inch body, articulating hinge and ball joint at the lamp’s cast iron base to expand and contract for an adjustable minimal lighting solution. The floor lamp, like the task lamp, boasts a clear lens that casts a focused light beam controlled by an onboard dimming knob at the lamp’s tip.

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