Stone Collection

industrial design

Minimal, elegant, and aesthetic. That is perhaps how best to describe the kitchenware project Stone Collection, made by design studio Regular Company from Zagreb, Croatia. A studio who’s work we have come to appreciate greatly in recent months.

Presented as a prototype design in 2017, the organic forms of the stones define the beauty in such regular objects. Its shape comes from the exploration of how a pestle and mortar functions, which resulted in an object that is extremely sculptural and tactile. Regular Company explain:

We shaped the pestle in a way that allows it to sit in the hand, rethinking the way people interact with the object, using only gentle and fluid movement.
When it comes to the marble stone trays, the inspiration comes from exploring the traditional techniques craftsmen use to create various finishes on stone surfaces. The trays, though minimal in form, play on the tactile contrast of different surface finishes, allowing people to use the trays in creative ways. For instance, grinding spices and herbs on the rough texture will leave a patina, that will make each tray unique.

I always admire when a product has been built using traditional techniques. There’s something particularly romantic about it. The prototypes were developed in a collaboration with craftsman as well utilising benefits of modern CNC stone cutting technologies.

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