Monologue Art Museum

Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, China
Wutopia Lab
CreatAR Images

Shanghai-based architecture firm Wutopia Lab has designed the Monologue Art Museum as a slowly unfolding hand scroll with functional spaces lining the perimeter and a black reflecting pool in the centre. Inspired by the brushstrokes used in Chinese painting, the boundary walls shift from continuous floor-to-ceiling glazing, to solid walls, through to latticework, forming "a shifting ink line". The variation in transparency, which can also be found in the pool-facing wall sections, enhances the Museum's sculptural design but also serves a more practical reason, namely controlling natural light and views according to functionality.

As the most introverted of all the spaces, the theatre’s solid volume is punctured only by a curved skylight that allows both sun and moonlight to spill into the cavernous space. Conversely, the glass-enclosed dance and yoga studios have an abundance of natural light, with the former clad in translucent glazing panels for privacy, and the latter enveloped in red-to-blue ombré glass—an unexpected gesture that adds a welcoming splash of colour in the otherwise monochromatic palette.

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