RI House

Barcelona, Spain
Francesc Rifé Studio
Javier Márquez

Situated in Barcelona, Spain, Francesc Rifé Studio has opened a new minimalist gallery space that features a predominantly greyscale palette with little pockets of colour introduced by a selection of showcased furniture and lighting.

As an extension of the Francesc Rifé Studio and the new online store, this new space takes the syntax of a contemporary art gallery and the language of a home to display a curated selection of product designs created by Francesc Rifé for renowned furniture brands, such as Kendo, Perobell, and Zanette.

The subtle details in materiality make RI House notable from a design perspective. Although the white colour dominates the space, a striking characteristic is the contrasting textured elements throughout. From the white exposed brickwork to the smooth aluminium fixtures, the details are there to be appreciated. Of course, the curated products are also beautiful in their own right, but how the whole space ties together make it a success.

In the shop