Porta Lamp

Simon Legald
Normann Copenhagen
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Product designer Simon Legald collaborated with Danish design company Normann Copenhagen to create the minimal and wireless Porta Lamp. As implied by its name, Porta is a portable lamp and is characterised by its rounded, organic design cues. The cylinder base and elongated dome shape of the lamp shade contribute to an aesthetic cohesiveness.

The distinctive lamp shade is designed to accommodate the need for pleasant, atmospheric lighting in smaller settings. When turned at a 90-degree angle, the lamp shade takes up less space, allowing it to easily fit into compact spaces such as windowsills, small café tables, or shelves. Porta's flexibility is further emphasised by its mobility. The cordless and lightweight design enables you to bring the lamp from the kitchen to the garden to your favourite reading nook.

A touch-sensitive dimmer allows for three different light settings depending on the desired atmosphere, while a discreet USB charging cable ensures easy charging. Porta comes in three different colours of black, grey, and white.

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