Desk 01


The Desk 01 by Artifox was created with one objective: to inspire and refine your personal workspace. It is inspired by a traditional writing desk, but adapted to fit one's modern needs. Desk 01, available in solid maple or solid walnut hardwood, has some clever built-in features.

Your mobile devices are always within reach thanks to the integrated dock. Extension blocks or drives can be hidden in a storage cabinet at the back. Magnets in the legs help to manage and guide cables.

The integrated dock also gives place for a felt eraser to clean the writable surface area. Sketch your ideas, or write down quick notes right onto the desktop! The surface is made of solid, powder coated, steel. There is a Slate Black edition, like a traditional blackboard, and a Powder White edition with a glossy feel. The sleeve design makes it able to easily remove the writable surface for a more natural appearance. The front legs have a hook to store accessories like headphones or a set square.

Desk 01 also comes as a standing desk for those who want more flexibility to stand and move around. Beautiful, practical design.

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