ja! studio


Ion Ander Beloki's studio reminds me of these pencil cases I had as a child. The kind where it looks just like a regular rectangular brick case, but inside, had many different compartments, side openings, secret panels, and missiles of course.

Well, the Spanish window designer, the brainchild behind ja! studio, designed this amazingly modular studio space, named Caja (box in Spanish), is in the heart of Basque Country. There's hiding closets of libraries, extendible carts holding couches and work desks, hiding toilets and office space, and all still very functional it seems.

Ion Ander comments,

It is a work area that can be adapted to the different requirements of the project. Its distribution embodies the suggested program: a convertible and unexpected space created with three materials: American oak wood, black MDF and white MDF, leaving the panel's edges free of any finishing or application details.

Now I'd love to find something like this for my living and bedroom space.

Photography by Antonio Macarro.

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