Casa Branca


A Brazilian architect, scenographer and film director, Isay Weinfeld chose to work with smaller scales than the usual curricula of monumental architecture shared by stereotypical Brazilian names, such as Oscar Niemeyer, Vilanova Artigas and Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Weinfeld's work is intimate, contemporary, and beautifully minimalist. Known especially for his retail & commercial buildings in São Paulo, I believe he's at his best when working with residential architecture.

Casa Branca ("white house") is a private house in São Paulo that at times has the feel of a contemporary art gallery, but without becoming sterile. There is character in its elegant simplicity.

Weinfeld often writes about what is the meaning of luxury, of living well, and always reports back to the answer of simplicity, of needing and having and using less — a definite fit for minimalism.

Photography by Cristiano Mascaro.

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