Garcia Tamjidi Monograph


Garcia Tamjidi’s newest piece of work is not a building or an interior, but a book. This is an architecture firm with a rich history of problem solving through contextual design. Led by principles Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi, the firm thrives on needs, desires, and challenges, weaving conceptual ideas into built spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful.

20 is a celebration of twenty years of Garcia Tamjidi’s work. Yet it is so much more than a portfolio of the firm’s history. 20 is a book full of wisdom and inspiration; Garcia Tamjidi’s way of reflecting upon their work thus far, and looking to the future in anticipation of the work they may do next. The book asks and answers the fundamental questions all firms must face: Who are we? What inspires us? What distinguishes us? What have we learned, and what must we continue to learn?

What truly distinguishes this collection is the same thing that distinguishes Garcia Tamjidi as architects: the wisdom they put behind their work. 20 is full of the guiding principles Garcia Tamjidi have come to be known for. Timeless design, functionality, and the sense of ease of space that emerges when every detail has been thoroughly examined, and every decision made with extreme care. In short, all those design standards which minimalism enthusiasts have long appreciated and attempted to live and work by.

The work featured in this book spans from offices to apartments, from architecture to furniture and lighting. The featured photographs show a body of work that is dynamic, thoughtful, and inspiring. A favourite part of 20 is the nuggets of wisdom tucked within the pages:

Context is everything. Sometimes light is the answer. Sometimes dark. The best work needs no explanation.
20 is a gift to all designers. We see this book not just as a portfolio of exceptional work, although the stunning architectural photography would be reason enough to read, but as a guiding influence to designers everywhere. Whether a recent architecture graduate or an established firm, we all can learn something from this shining publication. 20 is a necessary pause: a chance to commemorate twenty years of Garcia Tamjidi’s fantastic work while drawing inspiration for the next chapter.

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