4 x 6 x 6 House

Bandung, Indonesia
DUA Studio
Jonathan Aditya Gahari, William Sutanto

Located in the Indonesian city of Bandung, sitting snuggly in a densely populated residential area, is the 4 x 6 x 6 House designed by DUA Studio. The small house is an exploration of living experience in an environment where space is highly limited and introduces an experimental approach to architecture with a minimalist sensibility.

The all-white home measures 4 x 6 x 6 cubic metres spread across three levels; a modest space that DUA Studio has managed to make substantial through a reconfiguration of the interior, allowing a seamless blend of space through the home. It is an exemplary design exercise in open-plan living. The architects explain:

If only we could minimise or blur the boundary between programmes, perhaps we can perceive a new perspective and intimacy. If only we could redefine the openness and closure towards the surroundings, how big the window is, how tall the fence is, how we would like to see the passers-by and our neighbours.

Each of the three rooms is itself a level comprised of raw concrete, separated by powder coated steel stairwells instead of partitions. This no-wall configuration offers a spacious and flexible living area, opening up the small space to light and air flow, while at the same time creating a certain level of intimacy and comfort to its residents. Besides the floor-plan, DUA Studio paid great attention to framing throughout the house, using various square windows that lead to different directions and views to introduce unique interactions with neighbours.

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