Lane A


The monolithic form of Lane A rises from its landscape like a sculpture in a garden. Located in the southern United States, in Nashville, Tennessee, Lane A was designed by Studio YUDA, a comprehensive design firm with a portfolio of unique builds.

The main features of the dwelling are the two oversized porches—in front and back—which define the architecture and create unique framed spaces. Stunning moments occur within these spaces. At the entrance, the lovely shape of a Japanese Maple is framed, a sculpture within a sculpture, the vivid red leaves enhancing the artistic quality. The porches also frame the surrounding landscape for the users: the flat environment of Tennessee begs to be viewed as long and as far as the eye can see.

The interior consists of an open floor plan—an appreciated gesture to the simplicity of the exterior. There is such beauty in a building that tells you what you are getting from first site. Floor to ceiling windows throughout embrace natural light, and dramatic shadows cast endlessly, creating a dynamic visual effect like a mural in motion.

A favourite design feature of Lane A is experienced upstairs, where a skylight illuminates a stunning master bath. The floor and wall materials, flood of natural light, and view of the sky above bring key elements of the overall design together in a rewarding manner.

Patient and considered, Studio YUDA’s exquisite design is a straightforward approach for a modern residence. No more and no less, Lane A is a stage for nature, family, and life to play out.

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