Hila Gaon bridal store


This concept store and atelier for fashion designer Hila Gaon was designed by Karina Tollman and Philipp Thomanek of Israeli studio k1p3 in Tel Aviv.

The gallery-like space features 9 dresses from the current collection, hung in prominent display upon store mannequins (which were custom-made by the architects, based on traditional seamstress dolls). The complete collection, for its part, is stored in a translucent and lit closet along the length of one wall, and the main space is completed by a large dressing room and fitting area that are provided for the bride and her entourage.

I appreciate this design for its lack of fuss concerning the dresses. Dress-shopping can often become a stressful activity and it's a good thing to have a clear and minimalist space to cancel out distractions and to aid in this choice!

Photography by Ardon Barhama.

In the shop