Martinez Lierah SS 2013


Martinez Lierah Spring Summer 2013 ready to wear collection is a muted fusion of black, nude and blue hues. Daniel Lierah and Arturo Martinez have transpired to create yet another timeless curation of modern lines, asymmetrical shapes and clean minimalism. The collection is suitably named Sardonicus and is inspired by facial muscle spasms.

As a design team operating out of Paris, with Latin backgrounds, their philosophy is grounded on finding beauty in the odd. Their resulting collections seem to also strike the perfect balance between structure and fluidity.

This Spring Summer 2013 collection is overtly feminine, despite the bordering austerity of its simplicity. This achievement through silhouettes is not an overlooked feat, taking ruthless dedication to perfecting these forms. The purposed clean cut of the fabrics, together with disciplined drapery and folding is incredibly beautiful. Martinez Lierah are to be applauded for such sobering handsome creativity.

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