Subjectif Wine

package design

A wine designed to eliminate every opinion but your own.

This is how Subjectif Wine defines itself, a new Canadian wine brand with a series of 12 varietals and a very interesting concept behind it, which its creators explain to us:

The wine world has always told us what to think about a wine, long before we’ve ever had a chance to try it for ourselves. Ratings, reviews, price, and varietal all influence how good we’re supposed to think a wine tastes. So, how do we remove all of these influences?
In order to execute this incredibly pared down approach, a wonderful branding and packaging was designed by Canadian creative agency lg2, who have purposefully presented each one of the series identically priced and uniquely packaged, in a way that the consumer only knows what they are drinking once tasted. Any external influence is eliminated and the consumer’s opinion is the only one of importance and relevance. Without any doubt, this is a refreshingly honest and daringly minimalist approach to product design.

The first batch of Subjectif Wine is currently sold out—with the second bottling coming in spring 2020. It has won a Bronze Lion on the last edition of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. A deserved prize for an exceptional piece of work.

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