Square Compositions Penthouse


Square Compositions Penthouse is a rooftop apartment located in the center of Tel Aviv. This luxurious dwelling was designed by minimalist favourite Pitsou Kedem Architect, also located in Tel Aviv. As the name suggests, this structure was inspired the by the square, with the shape rising and recessing throughout each room.

The home takes up the two top floors of the apartment building; with the private bedrooms on the upper story and a simple kitchen and living area on the lower floor. A good amount of double-height spaces ensures the apartment feels airy and open in every room. Floor to ceiling windows offer exceptional views of the city below and flood the home with natural light, even when covered with soft white curtains. Other materials on the interior are understated: glass railings, wood floors, and a hanging chandelier arranged of multiple illuminated rods; a deconstructed square, if you will.

The unique pattern on the walls, composed of varying sizes of squares, eliminates the need to hang any decor in the home. This same pattern floats in the shape of a kitchen light fixture. The dramatic repetition of form is quite mesmerising: one's eye can easily become lost in the simple and soothing sequence. Square Compositions Penthouse is just the right amount of design: not allowed to feel stark, yet not at all busy. This dwelling allows us to experience the rare perfect blend of artistry and architecture.

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