Air Aroma

industrial design

It's amazing how vividly we are able to experience brand concepts from our own living room these days. Stunning images, delightful movies and bewitching brand stories are delivered right to our screens in seconds. But there is one sense not being stimulated in that context, a sense that goes right to our brains, touching our feelings and memories nearly unfiltered and with long-lasting impact: the smell.

So when it comes to luring customers into your actual brick and mortar retail or making sure your guests will never forget the amazing experience they had at your place, there is one important question contemporary marketers will ask: What does your brand smell like? As soon as you found out about that, Scent Marketing manufacturer Air Aroma will cater to your needs.

Fragrance and technology merge to deliver unique olfactive experiences. Air Aroma designs minimalist diffusion systems and bespoke scents for premium global brands.

So surely when it comes to perfecting your brand’s smell, it’s not only about what the smell should invoke but also about the way the smell is diffused. This aspect should be deeply embedded into a sensory experience. Air Aroma approaches this topic with a set of beautiful, minimalist diffusers that perfectly blend into any surrounding while being purposefully created design objects in themselves. These diffusers will either hold a signature scent that Air Aroma would create exclusively for you, or one of their carefully curated scents, ranging from essential oils to Arobalance — a scent specifically created to relieve stress. With humans able to differentiate approximately 10,000 odours, you can be sure Air Aroma will find the perfect fit for your demands.

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