Bao Yao Fei


The Hague based fashion designer Bao Yao Fei is a true discovery. Usually, writing an article on a designer with compelling images or exciting concepts starts with extensive Google research. With newcomer Bao Yao Fei this led to a very meagre result. But the few connections that could be made already showed a striking know-how concerning the right collaborations and the right approach towards fashion.

After graduating from Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Fei started his own label and since 2016 the first collection is perfectly presented on his website. Besides a notable lookbook presenting his neat, timeless but still particular collection of black, white and navy garments, there is the amazing editorial shot by Lonneke van der Palen.

Geometrically folded fabrics and pieces of fashion, combined with cut-outs of bodies wearing the collection: van der Paalen creates collages that fully focus on the high quality of the fabrics, the linear design and the clarity of colours. The images appear to be very two-dimensional, while still conveying an amazing vitality and stunning complexity. Minimalism in its best form and a perfect roundup of Bao Yao Fei’s collection. I really hope to see this label succeed and I wish to see more fruitful collaborations like this.

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