Isa & David House


Located in Gavà, a municipality in Barcelona, is a two story house with a rooftop for Isa & David, a couple who reside in a no-nonsense and straightforward abode. A strong minimalist grip takes over as Pepe Gascón Arquitectura guarantees plenty of amplitude both vertically and horizontally for the family. It’s a project that invites exploration and offers a dynamic lifestyle for its inhabitants.

Behind very simple visual features hides a complex program throughout the house, as vertical lines spoil every room in a diverse and interesting manner — especially when a playful variation in height and proportions guide the dweller through three divergent floors. As each level caters to a different need, the deliberately restrained interior design focuses on very few elements to distinguish each room and desired effect by the architects.

To breathe new life to an existing residence is no easy feat. The renovation project by Pepe Gascón’s team demonstrated the potency of minimalism as a guiding light for ambitious and eclectic projects such as this gorgeous Catalan residence.

Photography by José Hevia.

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