The Simplissimo collection was created by French architect and designer Jean Nouvel for the furniture manufacturer Ligne Roset. The line consists of chaise lounge, banquette, fireside chair, footstool and bench. As the name suggests, the objects are deliciously minimal and understated. Viewed in profile, each Simplissimo piece looks as if it has been designed with two strokes of a pen. Here is how Nouvel explains his vision:

I like simple objects, produced in a natural way, with a little wood, foam and plastic. This is a direct aesthetic, which goes straight to the point, inspired by ‘fitness’. This faux banality renders such objects moving. Different and similar, like the members of a family which will grow and take on colour over the generations.

Comfort of the seating comes from a Polyurethane foam applied over a sheet of grooved polypropylene. The upholstery hugs the curves of the metal structure and deliberately allows gathers in the corners, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the pieces.

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