Kevin Riedl Photography


The architectural photography of Kevin Riedl tells a poetic story of material, form, and light. The photographs, while focused on a clear subject, appear more abstract than figurative. The architectural subjects are disconnected from their place and function. Taken out of the context as a dwelling place, often-overlooked details of the structure emerge. The pattern of the materials and the shadows that dance across the façade become main features of the building. The monochromatic palette keeps things simple while allowing the smallest details to shine through.

I love the dialogue between building and non-building in these photographs. Blank walls, large stretches of sky, and the space between buildings are as captivating as their more solid counterparts. The empty areas of Kevin Riedl's photographs combine with the architectural subjects to uncover eye-pleasing geometries.

Architecture is always walking the line between art and function. Kevin Riedl's work showcases architecture in an abstract context. One is thus able to appreciate the full artful nature of architecture.

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